July 19, 2017

Epistle To My Future

postscript of Epistle To A Past

i hope you’re doing well when this letter reaches you.
please do not prolong our absence cause it makes everything hard for me.
i hope when we meet, cupid would be there so you can easily recognize and accept the fact that we are the one that’s meant to be.
truth is, i don’t have all the time in the world hence i wouldn’t be wasting anytime without you by my side.
i will love you with all my heart and i will take care of you.
i will do everything i can to make you happy.
i may be lacking some qualities you’re wanting for, but i’ll make sure you’ll always be proud of me.
i will be the strong legs that will support and protect your plans and goals whether i’m part of it or otherwise… 

i hope you can forgive me for not taking care of myself so well.
i became bored and weak and couldn’t resist the temptations of the long wait.
i‘ve already been into few relationships, be it romantically or just for fun.
my heart is full of scars now and my temple no longer clean.
but i want you to know that despite of my failed relationships, my past mistakes and quick encounters, i learned a lot of things.
things that almost completely change how i am today.
i will use the lessons experience taught me to even love you more and take care of you the way you deserve to be loved and be treated.
in the same way mahal, no amount of mistakes and failures from your past can make me love you less, not even those from the years to come...

i hope you understand that there will be times we might possibly get cold and mad.
there may be times i might fall out of reasons and become stubborn and narrow .
i am pleading you not to give up. the world might turn its back on us but i, never will.
together, let us face all the challenges and trials to come and i will promise you that i shall stay be with by your side with all my love intact and full...

if God allows us to meet so soon, i would be in great delight. i always pray to the Heavens that you will come these days when my loneness and loneliness continues to haunt me down..

mahal na mahal kita…


July 18-19, 2017  hospital


  1. IS this you Yanyan Chan? Sorry I can't find in here where I can ask this privately.