January 6, 2017

Mala Amore

i thought you were exactly the same person i used to love back in the days.
i probably confused the line between the nostalgia of loving you and cavity of missing you.
unsure and insecure i take pleasure in the middle of the two.
i neglect to cavil and regret on things which i might have done or otherwise.

so then i try to rescue the burning house.
endure the pain of a dying hot romance.
but things have slowly taking form.
while i believe that it does not hurt, for a moment in my life i asked the taste of death.
i felt torture within the crevices of my heart.

but we are prepared for this.
and we knew we would come to this.
the only thing that keeps you holding onto me is fear.
fear that one day when i stop loving you, i will finally realize how terrible person you are.
exact words you said to me.

be that as it may i still have a space for two.
one reserved for me and the other one for you.
instead of letting strangers rent, i am willing to let you in anytime you wanted to.


January 5, 2017  Paco Manila