January 18, 2016

Versa Bloggers And Those Random Facts

first, let me clarify that this is a wholesome post contrary to somewhat malice the title induced.
since i was tagged by jep of Korta Bistang Tibobos (uyy plugging, incentive ko ha?) with this 7 random facts ek ek, i am now compelled to keep the ball rolling.
ayoko naman maging reason for breaking this baka sabihin kj ko noh. haha
actually, games and fun stuffs like these began back in the day sa blogosphere.
pero bakit nga ba 7 lang? can’t we make it 8 or 9? who's responsible for this??

so, let’s start this 7 self random facts. here's my selective list.

1. idolizes Mariah
– kailangan nyo pa ba ng link?? who doesn't know this singahr (in Adele's accent)??
i’m a fan not a fantard. minsan nga gusto kong sampalin yun dahil sa “diva” attitudes.
oh well... she is Mariah Carey, you know.
kundi lang maganda boses nun nako wapakels ako. chos!
tuwang tuwa ako pag nahihirapan siya kumanta ng sarili niyang mga kanta. hahaha
eh kasi naman ang hirap kaya gayahin ng mga riffs and runs. wag na yung whistle di ko talaga magagawa yun.

2. reserved and private
– i ONLY have 197 friends in facebook. 38 of them are restricted (sees only public posts).
so technically, i only have 159 audience to please. di na mahirap yun noh? hahaha
well, i’m not the type of person who randomly adds or accepts friend requests. i barely add people i do not personally know, or at least acquainted with.
i want to keep my circle of friends few but strong and reliable.
well i do love chatting random people or exchanging comments at social platforms. but letting them see your personal space without knowing them first is a no for me.

3. friendly
– gentle term for “flirty”. hahaha
chos lang.
this one might contradict number 2 due to the fact that i have few friends listed.
but don’t get me wrong ha. hindi malungkot ang social life ko, ok? hahaha
i dare if you can ask those few fb friends of mine, they'll tell you that i'm such a famewhore! hahaha
attention-grabber ako eh.  haha
nyways, ayun nga. friendly ako. totoo. oo nga.
yung tipo ng friendly na papalandi na. ganyan.

4. i have white hairs...many!
– my white hairs are testimonies of my wisdom.
well, they say that white hair comes with age, and age comes with wisdom.
so i might as well adopt this saying. lol
actually hindi naman nakaka bother. makikita mo lang naman kasi kung titignan mo maigi.
minsan nga gusto ko magpakulay ng puti para hindi halata eh. chos.

5.  underweight
– my weight is not proportion to my height and age. 29 na ako, 5’6 pero yung timbang ko pang featherweight lang…literally feather. hahaha
btw, underweight is different from undernourished. and it's not only height and age but the body type and diet are also factors to consider. anyways, here's a chart for your reference.

6. former student activist
– this was way back college days in PUP. there i became a member of a political organization.
political po ha, not gender oriented.
well technically, i'm just locally based. bale sa loob lang ng school ang mga duties and responsibilities ko sa org, and very seldom that i go out to streets and hear my lungs out with other fellow brothers. before graduation, due to the toxic matters that i have to attend to in order to graduate, naging inactive ako.
but i believe activism should not stop. you don't have to be a hardcore street rallyist.
matuto tayong makialam at magmasid sa mga bagay bagay at gumawa ng dapat kung kinakailangan. keep your principles firm and fair. activism at heart.

and lastly,

7. GAY
– ay 7 random FACTS pala kala ko random FUCKS, sorry. hahaha
sounds-like kasi pasensya na.
anu ba yan sinayang ko lang yung huling number na ‘to!
aksaya lang ng space. hahaha

the bloggers i have listed below are the ones who often visit my blog and exchange comments with.

while the others were bloggers i really miss so much.
as you may know, i was away for nearly three years and when i came back, matatagal na din yung mga last posts nila. they've been inactive na din as well for quite some time.
in no particular order of beauty, here are they.

  1. Mga Chika ni AnonymousBeki
  2. KORTA BISTANG TIBOBOS (gusto ulit kita itag bakit ba?!?. sha sige mag post ka ulit ng another 7 random facts. hahaha)
  3. Elay's escapades
  4. It started out with a text
  5. Kwentong Iskwater
  6. Ako si MEcoy and Iam MEcoy (same owner so i count it as one)
  7. Tripster Guy
  8. Kulapitot Blog
  9. Cacoethes Scribendi
  10. aboutambot
  11. Sa aking Gunita
  12. DiscreetlyAnthon...
  13. the mediocre life of juan
and lastly, these two who used to be my frequent visitors and commenters way back.
i can't seem to find their blog pages as well hence the blank profile links. whatever happened to them?
i hope they're doing well out there.

14. T.R.Aurelius
15. KikomaxXx 

there you go.


January 18, 2016 hospital


  1. Salamat sa pag-nominate. Nakagawa na ako ng post about diyan at na-nominate din kita. Kaya naman ngayon magsusulat ka ulit ng 7 Random Facts About Yourself. haha. charot.

    Pareho pa talaga tayo ng #5. What a coincidence!

    Tama na ang 7 lang. 'Wag naman 8 or 9. Ang hirap kayang mag-isip ng isi-share. haha

    1. what?? you mean parehas tayo ng #5 ko at #5 mo??
      omg this must be destiny?? hahaha
      i think i should call you "bessy" na. hahaha

  2. salamat sa pagtugon :)

    nakaka-relate ko sa white hair na yan...
    hayaan na natin ang pagputi ng ating buhok, pang-matatalinong tao lang talaga yan hahaha!