January 8, 2016

Million Years Ago

writer's block. indolence. indulgence.
it's as if i'm writing on the blank pages and reading nothing.

at one time there is a certain point when i found console in solitary.
when my serving was always full plate and the rose-tinted glass overflows.
when i let life decide for me, and then i decided messing mine.
when i get sick with my favorite playlist, bored of my favorite beer or  comfort food.
when even the closest connection feels too contain to breathe.

hence, the sudden hiatus gave peace.
but peace is expensive that i'll either buy or steal it.
my untimely demise is not yet served and life inevitably has to flow in circles.

has anyone notice the absence? i'll reserve a table for a few invited guests.
we can't catch up all the missing times but we can start a fresh one.

i miss writing..
i miss reading..
i miss the exchanges of comments in every post..
And most of all,

I miss it when life was a party to be thrown,
but that was a Million Years Ago.

(echos! uma Adele ang peg)
gamit na gamit ko na talaga 'tong kantang 'to pati sa title ng post ko ginamit ko 'to. haha

no, seriously, i miss everyone here. i hope i get to see the old friends (sana lang active pa din sila).
and hopefully meet new bloggers

anyways, enough for this comeback message. too late of the occasion but then, Happy New Year!

God bless us and may we continue to be a blessing to others.
keep the faith burning :)


January 08, 2016 hospital


  1. Cute :) welcome back and happy new year!! :) :) Hope to be reading more from you this year

  2. Welcome back sa blogoshpere :)
    More and more posts this year!
    Salamat sa pagsubaybay.