January 26, 2016

Dried Up Tears

an epilogue to Uninvited Monday Blues


i am not mad at you.

at least no longer by now.

i moved on.
maybe not completely, but at least i can say i did.

yes, there are still times i feel like missing you.
i still sneak at your profile wall once in a while.
still wondering what would happen if we're still together.
how happy would that be?

bitter sweet it is.

sometimes, i often ask myself...
did i make the most of loving you?
or i gave too much it overdosed you?

i am not mad at you.

nothing to be at all.

i just feel disappointed because i thought you've changed.
but you resurrected the monster i thought was long dead in you.
same old, same old ways.

is it me? is it because of me?

never hesitate.

the fact i write this post because of you suggests my willingness to still waste my time for you.
if in time we have the chance to meet again, maybe not this time or in the next lifetime,
i am still willing to lay my cards.
love is, afterall, a risk-taking.

send my love to the new lover.

technically not new..

i hope you treat and love him better.
and please, don't cheat over as you did over me.


January 26, 2016 hospital


  1. ang drama! hahaha :)
    may background music pa na "lay me down" ni sam smith

    nakakadala lols

    ikaw na... adele?

    1. i'm glad na nadama mo ang paghihirap ko.


  2. Ang lungkot nemen :(

    Gusto ko po sana maka-receive ng email notifications every time you publish a new post. It can be done by typing my email ad on your Settings. You can read the middle part of my post here for the step-by-step instruction. Please? Thank you.

  3. Salamat dahil pinagbigyan mo ang aking kahilingan na maging subscriber mo. Ambilis huh. Jezke yung ibang blogger dinedma ako at pinaghintay ng ilang months pero ikaw you granted my request sa loob lamang ng 2 hours. Aylabyu na bes! haha. Salamuch.

    1. hahaha
      natawa ko sa bes!

      you're welcome :) no problem.

    2. Broken link nga yung nalagay ko. Sori. So paano mo pala nahanap yung totoong post? Infuhrnez talaga sa'yo ha. :)

    3. sa ibang blogger na nadaanan ko.
      i'm not sure kung san ko nabasa.
      basta nag comment ka dun na mali nga yung link na naibigay mo and you corrected it.
      dun ako nag follow ng instructions mo :)
      tas nag add na din ako ng widget na "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" para itatype nalang nila yung email add nila.

      (assuming nalang talaga ako na may gusto mag follow sakin by email other than you.)