January 13, 2013

belatedness 2013

hello beautiful people!

i know my greeting is too late but still, i want to greet everyone a "Happy New Year!"
i hope you're still safe and sound both physically and financially-wise after the festive of the holiday season. hehehe

i can't believe that my last post was four months ago, about the lost of a beloved friend. my heart was so devastated that time but as the saying goes, life must go on.
but my absence here is not because of that.
blame myself for being sooo lazy. hehehe
i got busy with work the last quarter of 2012. but in spite of not writing, i never forget the very basic thing that bloggers should do, to READ. yes, even though i was not able to write for the past few months, i still visit here to read stories and posts of my dearest co-bloggers (naks)

hemingways, the last quarter of the previous year had been so good to me in terms of financial aspect. well, that's quite given since as i have said, i was busy with work.
work, work, work.....bank, bank, bank. hehehe
and inasmuch as i'd like to narrate the happy details of my fortune and extravagance, i think it's already more than late now. hahaha

so i'll end up this post with a sweet toast...

may we all have a blessed and prosperous life all year-round. God bless.

January 12, 2013 residence

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  1. happy new year!
    well its better late than never huh
    may god bless our year even more