January 14, 2013

26th year


no, it's not a winning sweepstakes digits. and no, i didn't win.
well, it's the day when yours truly was born in a manger conceived by a Virgin. charot!
kidding aside, beside from celebrating this day with my family and friends, this is the day when i reminisce the past not only a year behind, but the entire 26 years of living this beautiful life.
aside from asking myself what have i done for the past 26 years is a reminder to recheck what do i really want to happen in life, my future plans and goals. am i still driving the "tuwid na daan" of PNoy? well, pretty think i am.

they say that things that happened can make or break you. Kelly's "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" perfect fits. i can say that i'm a better person now, stronger, wiser, naughtier, hornier, er, er, er. lol

at some point in time, i may have changed, things may have changed. but i know that whatever those changes had made me now, surely it's for good.
i want to grab this chance to thank those people, related or not, for being there for me and keeping me up. having them by my side is more than any fortune i could keep in the bank.
life's so wonderful journey travelling with loving and precious people...

in tears now.... chos!

hemingways, i was reading a broadsheet and glimpsed at the horoscope section which says there:

YOU BORN TODAY: In the year ahead, an important choice will arise. Choose wisely.

omg. i am not yet prepared for parenthood. hahaha
just kidding.

uh, asking for my birthday wish, eh? yes, WORLD PEACE.

January 14, 2013 hospital


  1. happy birthday parekoy!
    happy new year haha
    lakas maka beauty queen ng wish mo haha

  2. haha thank you MEcoy! sipag sipag mag comment ni Mecoy. hehehe

  3. you're getting older bhest.. I just wish you more happiness in life, d baleng wlang love life basta masaya pdn.. just look for someone n pde mong maging inspirasyon pra ndi boring ang life.. what i mean is, landi landi din pag may tym.. BOOM!

    I love you bhest and I miss you na.. :)
    Take Care!

  4. thanks bhest. i miss you too! lahat kayo :)