January 30, 2013


"friend, nasan ka? miss na kita. Sol."
text messsage na natanggap ko mula sa 4th floor.

"andito ko sa office. last na text ko na wala ko load. try mo gumamit ng telepono"
magalang kong reply mula sa 2nd floor.

itago nalang natin ang butihin kong kaibigan sa pangalang Soledad (lakas maka Westlife). isa siyang Respiratory Therapist dito sa ospital at isa sa mga piling kaibigan ko (yes, namimili po ako ng friends...char).
matagal ng biyuda si Sol at may isang anak. sa ngayon ay 4 years na siyang may karelasyon subalit nuong isang taon ay nangibang bayan ito para magtrabaho. sa madaling sabi, 1 taon na siyang nasa LDR status.
ngunit hindi lang status ang problema. pakiramdam daw niya ay hindi lang ito nangibang bayan kundi nangibang babae din. hehehe

hemingways, wag na natin himayin ang masalimuot niyang lab layf. duon tayo sa lighter part (effect!)
habang umay na umay ako hinggil sa mga hinanakit niya, napadako ang usapan namin sa "sex life". hindi ako ang nag open ng topic na 'to pramis! hahaha
ikaw niya, kadalasan daw ay nakadarama siya ng pananabik sa malalamig na gabi.
bagaman seryoso siya sa sinabi niyang yun, hindi ko maiwasang suklian ng halakhak. minsan nalang daw nga ay niyayakap niya ang kanyang unan ng mahigpit, umiiyak at pinaliligaya ang sarili. sex toy ang peg?? CHAROT!

January 23, 2013

my dear Sebastian

today, i lost another companion in my life. i may never had treated him as a best friend but i knew he was always there for me in my ups and downs, saw my solitaire and what i did in my solitariness.
my beloved Baste died...
but before i begin my sad story, perhaps i haven't told anyone that yours truly is a pet lover. i love animals for i see my reflection in them (kidding).
seriously, i have a heart for animals. dogs and cats especially.
you may not believe me. once in my life i owned 3 dogs, 12 cats, a pair of rabbit and a pair of love birds all the same time. i cannot forget our house looked like a zoo that time and we're like the animal keepers.

several years ago, we adopted a puppy from a nobody-care-owner. his name is Baste. we got his name from the character of Mark Herras (Sebastian "Baste") in I Love New York of GMA 7 way back 2001.
Baste then was thin and infected with fleas and ticks. i was hesitant to take care of him. my brother-in-law gave him to me as a (gift) replacement for my first dog, Ivo, who just recently died that time. i took care of him with all my heart. he became physically healthy and active. but more often, lazy.

Baste is the 3rd dog i had. the first two died already. Baste is just a small black dog. but not too small like a chihuahua or a corgi.
pardon me, honestly, i don't really care about the breed and don't make an effort to find out so.
all the dogs and cats (i have 9) i owned were either just given to me, or picked by my mom along the way, while the others were uninvited guests who never left us. that's why whenever people ask me what breed of dog i have, i simply answer AsPin (Asong Pinoy) or AsKal (Asong Kalye). same goes with my cats.

moving on, Baste suffered from frequent urinating but with little amounts. we thought it's just a change in behavior since he's old (i guess for his type) already, 12 years old. but lately we observed drops of blood from his urine and his appetite lost already and became thin so fast. so we decided to bring him to Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for check-up and free medications. i knew their facility there is not complete and i am ready to transfer him to a private clinic if the condition requires so.

and there we go. he was diagnosed with kidney stones and apparently old to endure heavy medications. they gave him vitamins and anti-infection but did not confine him and put under observation. for two days, we brought him to PSPCA. until early this morning, he had seizure and finally gave in. when i woke up, mom just told me that Baste left us already.
it was too soon but nevertheless, i am so happy Baste made my life happy for the past 12 years. i am relieved that he will no longer suffer the pain for it troubles my heart watching him die in pain.
of all my dogs, Baste is probably the most special since he's been with us the longest so far...

i love you Baste. i will surely miss you... ;(


i dedicate this post to all the pet lovers out there. always love your pets and always take care of them. they treat us like their Gods and they made us happy one way or another... they are our little comforts in life...

PS. sorry. it's intentional not to put picture of him... just make me sad ;( hope you understand.
hemingways, please click the link i provided there if in any case you want to get your pets seen by a vet.
and please also try this one at Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).


January 23, 2013 hospital

January 14, 2013

26th year


no, it's not a winning sweepstakes digits. and no, i didn't win.
well, it's the day when yours truly was born in a manger conceived by a Virgin. charot!
kidding aside, beside from celebrating this day with my family and friends, this is the day when i reminisce the past not only a year behind, but the entire 26 years of living this beautiful life.
aside from asking myself what have i done for the past 26 years is a reminder to recheck what do i really want to happen in life, my future plans and goals. am i still driving the "tuwid na daan" of PNoy? well, pretty think i am.

they say that things that happened can make or break you. Kelly's "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" perfect fits. i can say that i'm a better person now, stronger, wiser, naughtier, hornier, er, er, er. lol

at some point in time, i may have changed, things may have changed. but i know that whatever those changes had made me now, surely it's for good.
i want to grab this chance to thank those people, related or not, for being there for me and keeping me up. having them by my side is more than any fortune i could keep in the bank.
life's so wonderful journey travelling with loving and precious people...

in tears now.... chos!

hemingways, i was reading a broadsheet and glimpsed at the horoscope section which says there:

YOU BORN TODAY: In the year ahead, an important choice will arise. Choose wisely.

omg. i am not yet prepared for parenthood. hahaha
just kidding.

uh, asking for my birthday wish, eh? yes, WORLD PEACE.

January 14, 2013 hospital

January 13, 2013

belatedness 2013

hello beautiful people!

i know my greeting is too late but still, i want to greet everyone a "Happy New Year!"
i hope you're still safe and sound both physically and financially-wise after the festive of the holiday season. hehehe

i can't believe that my last post was four months ago, about the lost of a beloved friend. my heart was so devastated that time but as the saying goes, life must go on.
but my absence here is not because of that.
blame myself for being sooo lazy. hehehe
i got busy with work the last quarter of 2012. but in spite of not writing, i never forget the very basic thing that bloggers should do, to READ. yes, even though i was not able to write for the past few months, i still visit here to read stories and posts of my dearest co-bloggers (naks)

hemingways, the last quarter of the previous year had been so good to me in terms of financial aspect. well, that's quite given since as i have said, i was busy with work.
work, work, work.....bank, bank, bank. hehehe
and inasmuch as i'd like to narrate the happy details of my fortune and extravagance, i think it's already more than late now. hahaha

so i'll end up this post with a sweet toast...

may we all have a blessed and prosperous life all year-round. God bless.

January 12, 2013 residence