April 12, 2012

somebody that you used to know

oh God. i so miss this page :(
i was lost for more than a month since my last post.
well, no special reason, glorious nor tragic, was responsible for my hiatus.
i just figuratively lost my writing facilities.
^ arte much. sasabihin lang tinatamad na naman eh. lol

i wonder how's everybody doing and if someone out there missed me. hehehe (kapal lang)
hindi ko na isa-isa ma'backtrack yung mga blogs na sinusundan ko. forgive me :(

hemingways, am back at doing things. hopefully i could drop and put some stuff here at least whenever there's something to speak and write of.

meanwhile, escape entry muna ako ulit using a music video.
mema lang...memapost. hahaha
but i actually do love this song and i know somebody out there neither :))
it has been resonating on my mind for quite a week now.
i just love the beat though and nice lyrics as well.

it's called SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW by Gotye.

hope you like ettt! :)) welcome back ulit saken. hehehe


April 12, 2012 hospital


  1. haha. I was blog searching when I came across your blog. It's a good thing you have a recent post.

    love the song playing in the background. don't you remember by adele.

    : )

  2. thank you Ers. sana pinaloow mu na din ako :p
    namilit ako?? hahaha ;)