April 30, 2012

si Miriam, ang LGBT at ang Miss U... bow.

i know. this is really out-dated. a lot of things went out. when i first heard of this Miss Universe opening its door to trans women to join the pageant, i tried to veer from giving opinion since i know that the rules have been set already.
thus, whatever blah blah won’t affect the decision at all and besides, i knew that somehow, fellow trans in the LGBT considered this as a milestone victory.
it’ll be like a kill joy to sway against the current.
so i let the issue pass by just saying, “so they change the rules, ok”.

however, i was intrigued with some status on facebook and twitter about this said Miriam Quiambao attacks on LGBT.
am not a follower of the said beauty queen so i decided to browse some issues relating to this “war” that entrenched, if am not mistaken, on the issue of allowing trans women to join Miss U.

while i personally think that there should be no beauty pageants in the first place, in my humble opinion, transgender women should not be joining pageants that were categorically established for natural-born women. meaning, women by nature and who did not, in any way, underwent knife. woman, who can pro-create in a sense that can carry a child in her womb because she is, by nature, biologically capable of.
that being said, can somebody now quote me saying that trans women are fake women? am i being discriminatory? probably, probably not.
we may have equal rights in almost everything but there’s always limitation/s into things we ask for.
why don’t we call trans woman, a woman after undergoing an operation and securing the necessary papers for the legalization of her womanhood?
why do we still put “trans” as an identifier and still categorized her as transgender? why not just call her, a woman?
it is because, no matter what we do, we cannot in this lifetime, or in the coming one, argue that trans woman is totally equal with a woman. there is still a difference and we must accept that fact.

this whole thing about acceptance and equal rights i think, at the very least, already are granted and win to us way back.
although i must still say that some of us continually experience discrimination in many forms, these are totally way seriously different than just joining a woman's pageant. i hope i made a clear point on this. there are more serious issues out there that LGBT community needs to focus on.

hindi naman siguro sasama ang loob at bababa ang tingin sa sarili ng ating mga kafatid kung hindi sila makakasali sa Miss U o sa kahit anu pang beauty pageants ng mga kababaihan. kung tutuusin, meron naman tayong sariling mga beauty pageants na halos kapantay lang din ng Miss U ang recognition at popularidad.

honestly, am not just sure if LGBT has long been battling for transgender to be allowed to join in these beauty pageants.
if yes, then i consider it as faithful crusade.
if not, then why is it only this time that they’re pushing this issue so much?
because of the Jenna Taclova issue? oh well… it became a publicity crusade now.
to add more, if not allowing trans woman in natural-born women beauty pageants considered discrimination, is the LGBT willing to defend the rights of those women who fail short to meet the pre-determined qualifications of these beauty contests?
why not allow chubby, or short-legged, or in a relationship women to join these pageants too so as to fully eradicate discrimination amongst trans women and women?
we are arguing that the nature of being a woman is not only limited biologically.
why then don’t we argue first about the definition of beauty?
that’s why i noted my stance that personally, i believe there should be no beauty contests since a minute form of discrimination and subjectivism is always present.

as to Miriam Quiambao, here’s a sample link on the issue.

i feel for her in a sense that we have the same stance on Miss U's exclusiveness for natural-born women. all her tweets are nothing less than opinions, which i believe everyone’s entitled to.
i must admit that i have a few simple rebuts and questions to her to enlighten me about her tweets, but it’ll be useless to discuss it here furthermore since it’s impossible for her to reply on me and give a damn.
say whatever she has to say. after all, her words don’t represent the whole woman-ity.
i think it’ll be better to ignore her and not be so touchy at times.
the LGBT doesn’t need her i swear. she needs the LGBT rather…trust me.


April 30, 2012 hospital

April 19, 2012

a question of faith

i would like to foreword this by shortly giving the root of this entry.
i belong to this group/s in Facebook whereas we discuss a lot of topics, general or specific, of any fields and subjects. it so happened that some, if not all, members there are atheists. this group of people, i must say, is very intelligent and excels much in the field of logic, philosophy and reasoning.
no, it’s not what you’re thinking… honestly, i was just there to learn and widen my understanding on some things, and prolly to enlighten myself to things which appear absurd to me.

i have no problems with them personally, nor their being atheists or whatsoever.
in fact, some of them i have already categorized to my ‘on-line’ set of friends.
then and now, i have witnessed a lot of bloody discussions between atheists and theists and one thing i noticed is that it all boils down to FAITH
believe what you believe in, believe to your belief and hold on to it.
this, i personally agree. no context from, nor any religions could save/jeopardize you, but faith alone.

sometimes, i feel a prick of shame because never had i put my own personal stance, nor just help my fellow theists in defending our side.
i must admit that in 24 years of believing in God’s existence, i still lack the knowledge study-wise to enter a formal debate. all i have with me is experience that somehow, one way or another, a divine force out there in the universe have something to do with my, our, existence.

at the end of the day, it’s just between me and God (in case of existence), and not between me and men (in case of non-existence).

i decided to put my own personal stance here in my blog, that at the very least i know, no one will persecute me (since never did i persecute a non-believer) and because it’s my personal page and every one indeed is to each his own.

i carefully chose words not to stir up any violent reactions in case some non-believers would happen to come across this.

sa huli, ang lahat ng bagay ay babagsak sa dalawang kahihinatnan.
in the end, all things will fall into two possibilities.

sa araw ng aking kamatayan, kung totoong wala ngang Diyos,
walang kaso sa akin...walang epekto...
at the time of my death, if God doesn't actually exist,
there's no more worth to me... no effect at all...

maaaring manghinayang ako sa lahat ng mga pagod at sakripisyo ko
i might regret all the energies and sacrifices i have done

maaaring isipin kong sayang lamang ang lahat ng panahon at papuring ginugol ko
i might feel sorry for all the times and worships i have wasted

yun ay kung talagang marami akong sakripisyo at panahon na ginugol sa Kanya.
that is, if i really have lots of time and sacrifices offered to Him.

pero sa kaso ko, na isang makasalanan, nabibilang lamang ang lahat ng iyon.
but in my case, a sinner, those are just few and counted.

kaya naman pag nagkataong walang Diyos,
walang huhusga sa aking kamangmangan at kaululan dahil sa paniniwala ko sa pagkakaroon nito.
if there's no God, no One will  castigate me for my foolishness and hypocrisy believing in such existence.

higit sa lahat, walang huhusga sa aking mga kasalanan...
most of all, no One will judge me according to sins...

ngayon, kung totoong may Diyos, maluwag kong tatanggapin ang anumang kaparusahan sapagkat alam kong hindi ako naging mabuting tao.
however, if God does actually exists, i will wholeheartedly accept whatever punishment i deserve for i know i haven't been a good man.

sa tingin ko ay mas madali ko yung matatanggap kaysa
makadama ako ng labis-labis na kahihiyan sa sarili at sa Kanya,
dahil sa pagtatwa ko sa mismong lumikha sa akin.
it'll be easy for me to bear that feeling than to be in so much shame for myself denying my very Creator.

sa araw ng paghaharap namin, wala akong anumang pagsisisi at panghihinayang dulot ng aking mga pagdududa at labis na pagmamarunong...
when i get to face Him, i will not feel any regret and disappointment caused by my doubts and conceited intellect...


April 19, 2012 hospital

April 12, 2012

somebody that you used to know

oh God. i so miss this page :(
i was lost for more than a month since my last post.
well, no special reason, glorious nor tragic, was responsible for my hiatus.
i just figuratively lost my writing facilities.
^ arte much. sasabihin lang tinatamad na naman eh. lol

i wonder how's everybody doing and if someone out there missed me. hehehe (kapal lang)
hindi ko na isa-isa ma'backtrack yung mga blogs na sinusundan ko. forgive me :(

hemingways, am back at doing things. hopefully i could drop and put some stuff here at least whenever there's something to speak and write of.

meanwhile, escape entry muna ako ulit using a music video.
mema lang...memapost. hahaha
but i actually do love this song and i know somebody out there neither :))
it has been resonating on my mind for quite a week now.
i just love the beat though and nice lyrics as well.

it's called SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW by Gotye.

hope you like ettt! :)) welcome back ulit saken. hehehe


April 12, 2012 hospital