February 13, 2012

toxic minutes

i was so busy with work these past few days. i had an additional load that's keeping my brain processing busy than the everyday office routine.
i've been included in a meeting of our company's top-level management held twice a week.
well, our admin had this service of an American business consultancy firm aiming for a better word-class service.
it has been going for quite a few months now, and only recently that i've been tasked to take the minutes of the meeting.
if you think taking notes in a business meeting is just so easy, it isn't always so.
you, of course, have to initially understand what is the meeting all about and its objectives.
and since only lately that i joined them, i am of course interested in understanding the core than just merely taking and writing down the throwing of words.
i am pretty sure secretaries out there can relate to my situation.
i wish we're using a

however, minutes recorder should still be supported by papers.
and even in courts, human notes is still the primordial basis that is legally accepted.
i asked my boss if there was nobody taking minutes during their previous meetings.
good thing he didn't get me wrong with my question.
well, he just told me that he's the one who recommended me for the job because he believes that i am the best point person for it since i am well verse in

so there...


February 11, 2012 residence 


  1. whoah at some point in my teaching career i taught shorthand. i did not have formal training, self study lang at konting writing tutorial para sa tamang strokes, ayun natuto. nakaka-enjoy. parang nagso-solve lang ng puzzle hehehe.

  2. @aboutambot hahaha talaga po? nagturo ka? nice :)
    sa course namin dati naku essential yan. meron pa nga kami nun machine shorthand eh.
    take note, both english at filipino ginamit namen yan. ahehehe
    nakakaaliw lang kase kayu-kayo lang nakakaintindi nyan. yung mga marunong lang :)

  3. hanggang ngayon nagtuturo pa din naman kaya lang puro math na. noong shorthand pa ang itinuturo ko ang galing gumawa ng kodigo ang mga students ko sa ibang subjects gamit ang shorthand. kaya nagtataka ang mga ibang instructors dahil matataas scores nila hahaha.

  4. @aboutambot ahh, instructor ka pala. anu po tinuturuan mo ngayon? secondary o tertiary?
    way back college days, di yata namen napakinabangan (totoo) ang shorthand as kodigo kase naman most of our professors recognize it eh.
    though ibang subjects pa sya, they would verify it sa department namn kung mahuhuli kame. hehehe

    itinuturo mo pala ang hate kong subject. hahaha
    patutor naman. LOL