February 28, 2012

so what's with the mag?

awkie...so this was the fuss people were talking about?
a mag cover with GMA Kapuso Star, Bela Padilla in her pink swimsuit surrounded by dark models with the cover caption: STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS

seriously dearest? is this such a big thing?
yeah, i know right.  racism, color-discrimination, and all those things so to speak.
but aren't we tired of getting in into these lame marketing/publicity tactics?
again and again, just like what i have written here before about Nora's appearance in a mag way back, the think-tank behind this magazine, those who conceptualized the cover were the ones responsible for this.
they should be crucified! CHOS!
they knew in the first place that this will catch massive attention.
and yes, again they win it.

but this time, am not actually sure what they're up to, unlike with the Superstar that they really needed to boost her homecoming and recuperate her "superstar" status.
the issue on racial and/or color discrimination has long been addressed.
this social stigma has, at the very least, already been resolved if not fully eradicated.
in fact, homosexuality, (the gay stigma) is more apparent since there're still in the LGBT groups who experienced, and continuously experiencing discrimination in many ways especially those with HIV.

but of course, am not in any way telling that we should condone this irresponsibility in publicity and advertisement.
we have to respect differences in view points and observe full respect at everybody's perception of what they think is offensive or not.
i really hate those people who will do everything for profit even at the expense of putting a sensitive issue on the verge.

on the lighter note, it's a good thing that the FHM-Philippines already apologized for the cover, and to Bela herself for getting involved with the controversy.
the latter too, has tweeted an apology.

"In our pursuit to come up with edgier covers, we will strive to be more sensitive next time"
FHM Philippines said.

so there...so much for this one.

like honestly?

HOUSE BILL 5850 of Quezon City Rep. Castelo proposing a standard seating space in jeepneys is way more interesting than this! lol


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