February 22, 2012

of sharing and secrets

me and my other two beloved friends from PH (a defunct LBGT site) went for a simple meet-up last Saturday night at Trinoma. it was a perfect time for me to unwind and relieve my stress due to the busy load lately.

but before anything else, here are the cast of this post:
L - this is Loki. i already mentioned him in my previous entry (the most read).
H - a medical technologist. his hometown is Zambales. he only goes to Manila on weekends because he is currently taking a review for a qualifying credential to a greener pasture.
E - a graduating college student.
and of course, yours truly.

ahh, yes. there were actually four of us. but the other one went home immediately soon as we have convened. lol
no seriously, E has a compromise event with his school friends. he just passed by to see us...sweet, isn't he? hehehe
and so the three musketeers spent the remaining evening. we decided to have dinner at Sbarro since L and H were trying to escape rice.
while choosing our menu, L and H noticed a package meal that says, GOOD FOR 4 HUNGRY PEOPLE.

aside from numerical inappropriateness, i think it's quite expensive for three persons, and way too much for them who actually been trying to drop weight.
but stomach is greater than will. giving in to the sight of delight, the two agreed to take it. first i thought they were kidding but their pleas made me realized that they're indeed serious.

so there we go and enjoyed the table feast. not alone my stomach was filled but my eyes as well.
i noticed this handsome (to me atleast) and tall crew, name Allan.
no, i didn't ask for it. i just saw the name in his uniform.
L was actually teasing and telling me to do some feelers like asking for this and that or whatever. hahahaha
but i never did any (swear).
gosh...am not actually good at hiding chills so the two were laughing at me. hahaha

we were having a funny mood until L knew that H has already resigned in his current job in zambales to give way to his review. for a few moment i was out of place. a snippet of their conversation gave me signals that the two have a secret or whatsoever they've been keeping privately.

L : nagresign ka na pala? hindi ko alam...panu yung anu, yung sinabi ko sayo?
H : ako ba kukuha sayo? panu ba kase gagawin? ako ba o ikaw nalang kukuha sayo?
L : hindi ko alam....(silent)
H: ohh sige na magdadala nalang ako ng gamit!

and then out of nowhere i laughed! hahaha
i knew it! i said to myself. but still, to confirm my suspicions, i asked them what the hell they were talking about. but the two kept silent. i asked H what is it and he just said that i better ask L.
and so i did. i asked a simple question answerable by yes or no.

ME : isang tanong lang...yung bang pinaguusapan nyu ay isang bagay na tanging si H lang ang makakagawa?

much to my surprise, L didn't answer and kept telling me that it was nothing and just forget it.

(in my mind) hahaha confirmed!
what do these guys are thinking?? am not that stupid not to get the bottomline.
i mean, we are all working in medical field my goodness (L being a nurse in a well-known hospital).
they're my colleagues! lol
besides, am i not trustworthy enough for them?? lol

seriously, i totally understand L for keeping that thing secret, even to me.
i admit that i felt a little bad because he didn't tell me what's going on with him, as if i don't care.
but i guess that's just it. there are some things which we really are not comfortable telling at anyone, even to our closest friends.
nonetheless, in any case that he'll soon get tested, whatever the results may be, won't change anything the way i see him.
it will not make me love him less of a friend...i just hope that he knows how much i love him and the friendship that we have.

anyways, going back, i didn't bring up the topic anymore.
after we eat, we went to the garden (as defined by L), the open area located at 4th floor near Starbucks.
i actually don't get the garden description because for me it's like more of an open stage. hahaha
there we continued our chitchat and let the time pass us by.
we separate ways in good and happy mood that was supposed to be the ultimate goal of the night...


February 22, 2012 hospital


  1. bi2gay din yan, kpag hindi na nya kinaya siya rin mismo magsa2be s yo, its great to have a bonding time wiht ur friends out of your busy schedules


  2. @TR salamat ng marami :)) God bless.

  3. pangit talagang maOP pero atleast alam na.. ahahha

  4. @kiko yun nga eh. hahaha
    hayaan ko na. ok lang yun, lab ko naman siya. :))