February 1, 2012

a not so long employee

today marks my 2nd anniversary with my beloved company. past 2 years so quickly. i still can recall how desperate was i two years ago looking for a job.
desperate, you read it right. i had a hard time in job-seeking way back.
being a fresh graduate then, my credentials weren't sufficient enough to level with other co-applicants who are ex-OFWs, registered nurses, call center agents to name a few, who were products of prestigious universities.
and not to mention, a single vacancy has a dozen hopefuls.
how was that for competition huh?

a little self-confidence and a huge amount of heaven's will were my primary tools.
our time calls for practicality so there's no room to be picky with opportunities nowadays.
however of course, some would really wanted a job that would best fit and utilize their degree and credentials, and i am one of them.
so there. i tried my luck in job database sites and the rest is history.
now am working in the administration at a private tertiary university hospital somewhere in the metro.
our office, Quality Control, functions as a recommending body that review/implement hospital systems, policies and procedures to better serve quality healthcare to clients.

will always be thankful to my mother company who gave me the first opportunity and believed at my potentials despite the lack of experience then.
how can't i be grateful to a company who;
gave my first employee ID,
gave my first pay check,
registered me to housing and social securities,
gave my first bosses and co-workers who are all so kind,
gave me 'toxic' and 'award' (in gay lingo, sermon/nasabon),
and most of all, who gave me the experience of being an "employee"...



February 01, 2012 hospital