January 13, 2012

on the verge of forgetting

i have always believe that FORGIVING is something you render not only for the others,  but for your own good as well.
when you forgive,  you lessen the heavy luggage your heart carries and it cleanses your conscience.
thus,  helps a lot in the process of forgetting and moving towards a worry-free life.

i am no God not to forgive...
on the other hand,  i am no God to be omniscience.
i am just but quite confuse when someone is being apologetic and yet,  do not care to give the reasons for being so.
how can i bestow my forgiveness to someone when i do not even know where he's coming from?
i try to veer from the thinking that there are really these apologetic but insensitive people.
or,  is it just me that demands too much?
now i remember a line from some teledrama way back ;

" sorry?? yun lang masasabi mu? bakit ka nag so'sorry?..... "

yes,  i admit,  i was hurt.
and yes,  SORRY is something we say when we hurt someone,  intentionally or otherwise.
BUT sometimes,  the word itself isn't what we want...
the explanation that would enlighten the situation matters.
it will help a lot in moving on and keeping what we have right now,  stronger.
when you apologize for something,  you should mean it in its deepest sense.


January 13, 2012 hospital


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