January 30, 2012

the body rush

it was around 6pm when my girl cousin went to our house. she was with her two other girlfriends. it was actually a planned visit to fulfill her promise (she prolly was forced) to treat me since it was my natal day last 14th, and it'll going to be hers this 31st.

so there we go. we had home videoke session and tried a couple of Boracay Rum. yes, just the four of us.
we both had the two flavors, Coconut and the Cappuccino.
i prefer cappuccino coz it tastes just like coffee with drops of rum in it.

amidst the enjoyment, my couz asked me if i know where Padis Point Avenida is. she said that she'll going to meet a crew there, who happens to be her fond textmate.
oh dear. she's nearly 35. i remember myself with her actuation when i was in my highschool days.
by the way, she is already a mother of two but was separated with her ex-husband for quite a long time now.
am not actually giving sense, but i understand her more or so. maybe she's looking for a new character that would make a new chapter in her love life.
love credits no age and time after all.

albeit tipsy because of the unjust turn of shots (i knew they're cheating), we went to Padis Point Avenida and arrived there around 11pm.

we ordered a bucket of SanMig Light and a platter of my favorite sisig.
their menu is cheap. i mean, the bar itself. that's why you can always see plenty of students there.
i've been to few Padis but it was my first time in Avenida-Recto. there's nothing extra special with the place until i went to male's room.
while i (we were) peeing, some guys started to massage our backs. hahaha!
it was actually surprisingly cool though.
later did i know after i pee that those are masseurs offering their service. if it's only a massage or beyond, i dunno because i haven't bite.
it's not that i don't like a massage or the masseur, i just don't have the luxury of freedom since i was with a girl's company. you know what i meant.

so we hit the dance floor like 5 times or more. there were instances that i danced alone.
it was a body rush. i can feel the friction from the body crammed at all angles. sweat all over my hair. but the feeling was so damned good.
it's been a while since i last conquered a dance floor.
and during those instances that i danced with my girls, we never failed a chance that someone approaches us and asks for their names.
mabenta ang aura ng mga ateng ko! lol
no wonder. they're with a diosa. joke! :D

we went home by 4am. twas an enjoyable treat after all.
by the way, the guy who was supposed to meet us didn't show up. he din't answer my couz texts or calls. we left there with sarcastic guesses and jokes why the hell the guy was nowhere to be found.
oh well...deep well...


January 30, 2012 hospital


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