January 19, 2012

censored surfing

while some of us are busy with the drama at the Senate's impeachment trial on SCJ Corona, a friend from a social networking site shared a link of another Congress' drama, an international one, regarding this so called SOPA / PIPA in the United States. although this was actually my first time to hear about the bill, i am pretty sure that this isn't the first time that a similar bill about infringement / piracy / intellectual property among others, was discussed not only in the US, but also here in the Philippines.
there were several proposals in the Congress that tackle about movie and music industry piracy here in our country. those proposal, would possibly streamline the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (Copy Right Law) that is suitable to the digital modern world since the law doesn't have a clear-cut scope on digital rights.

going back, if you have read the context of the bill (i may not have interpret it correctly though), simply says that sites that engage on the facilitating, enabling, distribution of illegal / counterfeit materials will be blocked / ban or blacklisted. this of course will hit sites that employ in downloading / uploading / viewing of any materials from unauthorized sources that have been uploaded without any copyright consent. that could be the reason why the above article there sited youtube as an example.

it is no surprise that the US Movie and Television and Music Industry supports the bill. i cannot blame them. i mean, who else can? a huge amount of profit loses because of piracy and rampant unauthorized distribution and illegal copying of the original materials. even here in the Philippines, the first one to cry because of piracy is our Movie and Music (OPM) industry.
i will not be hypocrite on this part. i for one, enjoy the luxury of just waiting for the movie or the music to be available on downloading sites so that i can get them free. (ehem)

but of course, if there are supporters, expect the adversaries. googlefacebook, and twitter to name a few. even wikipedia opposes the bill. well, the issue of internet freedom and liberty was said to be the reason for opposing. and of course, business (as usual) will be affected.

(sigh) it will take a bloody debate and discussion to meet a consensus (hopefully) for this bill. i hope that IF and ONLY IF the bill passes the Senate, they should carefully and explicitly streamline every clause and statements thereof so as to clearly define the objectives of the bill.

on the issue of censorship, i always believe that NOBODY or NO ONE should be censored.
liberty, is something that should not be jeopardized in the crusade of cracking down something else.
fighting piracy shouldn't be at the expense of our freedom of access to information. let us be vigilant fighting for our rights.
on the other hand, we should also remind ourselves that we have our responsibilities in using and misusing those rights.
we may not be a good citizen at all times, but we can be responsible some times....


January 19, 2012 hospital

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  1. mahirap palang debate ito... :(..

    No to SOPA pa din hehe