January 30, 2012

MULI (The Affair)

sa wakas! makikita nyu na rin sya sa mga suking tindahan. 2 taon na ang nakararaan nung una kong nakita ang pelikulang 'to. nagustuhan ko ang tema ng kwento kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko na magtatago ako ng kopya nito nang sa gayon ay lagi ko itong mapanuod at maibahagi ko na rin sa mga kaibigan ko.
hindi ko naman inakala na aabutin ng ganito katagal ang paghihintay ko. kahit nuon pa ay tinitignan ko na rin kung meron nang piniratang kopya nito sa mga bangketa sa Quiapo...subalit bigo ako.
kaya naman nung nakita ko sa isang blog na aking sinusundan na may dvd copy na, agad akong bumili at baka ito ay limited stock lang.

marami na rin akong napanuod na mga local indie at pink films at ito ang isa sa mga pinakapaborito ko.
syempre, mananatiling klasiko pa rin ang Brokeback pero hindi maikakaila na nilampasan ng Muli ang aking ekspektasyon kaya't masasabi kong para sa akin ay ito ang pinakamaganda sa lahat ng mga gay indie films na ginawa sa kasalukuyan dito sa Pilipinas.

siguro, isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit gustung-gusto ko ang pelikulang 'to ay sa dahilang nakaka'relate ako hindi lamang sa kabaklaan ng kwento, kundi sa sitwasyon na rin ng mga pangunahing tauhan sa kwento.
ako ay produkto rin ng isang progresibong unibersidad kung saan ang aktibismo ay napakaimpluwensya na kahit ako ay hindi nakatakas mula rito.
sa madaling salita, naging kasapi rin ako ng isang politikal na organisasyon nuong kabataan ko sa kolehiyo.
nasa "black and white" at "diplomasya" na designasyon ang mga gawain ko nuon.
naranasan ko rin umibig at magmahal ng kapwa aktibista subalit sadyang wala akong lakas ng loob magtapat nuong mga panahon na 'yon sa kadahilang alam ko rin sa sarili ko na hindi pa ako ganung kadedikado sa pagkilos. higit sa lahat, alam kong burges pa rin ang pagkatao ko.

masaya sa loob ng kolektiba. marami kang makakasalamuha, makikilala at matututunan na kailan man ay hindi mu mababatid sa silid-aralan.
sa lungkot at saya ay nariyan ang mga kasama sa lahat ng oras at pagkakataon. hindi ko man naranasan mapabilang sa kapatiran/fraternity, para sa akin ay higit pa itong karanasan na hindi ko malilimutan.

teka masyado na kong lumalayo. hahaha
ang gusto ko lang naman sabihin dito talaga ay sana mapanuod nyu ang pelikula kase maganda sya. yun lang naman talaga. haha
ang dami ko pang sinabi nuh? lol


January 30, 2012 hospital

the body rush

it was around 6pm when my girl cousin went to our house. she was with her two other girlfriends. it was actually a planned visit to fulfill her promise (she prolly was forced) to treat me since it was my natal day last 14th, and it'll going to be hers this 31st.

so there we go. we had home videoke session and tried a couple of Boracay Rum. yes, just the four of us.
we both had the two flavors, Coconut and the Cappuccino.
i prefer cappuccino coz it tastes just like coffee with drops of rum in it.

amidst the enjoyment, my couz asked me if i know where Padis Point Avenida is. she said that she'll going to meet a crew there, who happens to be her fond textmate.
oh dear. she's nearly 35. i remember myself with her actuation when i was in my highschool days.
by the way, she is already a mother of two but was separated with her ex-husband for quite a long time now.
am not actually giving sense, but i understand her more or so. maybe she's looking for a new character that would make a new chapter in her love life.
love credits no age and time after all.

albeit tipsy because of the unjust turn of shots (i knew they're cheating), we went to Padis Point Avenida and arrived there around 11pm.

we ordered a bucket of SanMig Light and a platter of my favorite sisig.
their menu is cheap. i mean, the bar itself. that's why you can always see plenty of students there.
i've been to few Padis but it was my first time in Avenida-Recto. there's nothing extra special with the place until i went to male's room.
while i (we were) peeing, some guys started to massage our backs. hahaha!
it was actually surprisingly cool though.
later did i know after i pee that those are masseurs offering their service. if it's only a massage or beyond, i dunno because i haven't bite.
it's not that i don't like a massage or the masseur, i just don't have the luxury of freedom since i was with a girl's company. you know what i meant.

so we hit the dance floor like 5 times or more. there were instances that i danced alone.
it was a body rush. i can feel the friction from the body crammed at all angles. sweat all over my hair. but the feeling was so damned good.
it's been a while since i last conquered a dance floor.
and during those instances that i danced with my girls, we never failed a chance that someone approaches us and asks for their names.
mabenta ang aura ng mga ateng ko! lol
no wonder. they're with a diosa. joke! :D

we went home by 4am. twas an enjoyable treat after all.
by the way, the guy who was supposed to meet us didn't show up. he din't answer my couz texts or calls. we left there with sarcastic guesses and jokes why the hell the guy was nowhere to be found.
oh well...deep well...


January 30, 2012 hospital

January 19, 2012

censored surfing

while some of us are busy with the drama at the Senate's impeachment trial on SCJ Corona, a friend from a social networking site shared a link of another Congress' drama, an international one, regarding this so called SOPA / PIPA in the United States. although this was actually my first time to hear about the bill, i am pretty sure that this isn't the first time that a similar bill about infringement / piracy / intellectual property among others, was discussed not only in the US, but also here in the Philippines.
there were several proposals in the Congress that tackle about movie and music industry piracy here in our country. those proposal, would possibly streamline the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (Copy Right Law) that is suitable to the digital modern world since the law doesn't have a clear-cut scope on digital rights.

going back, if you have read the context of the bill (i may not have interpret it correctly though), simply says that sites that engage on the facilitating, enabling, distribution of illegal / counterfeit materials will be blocked / ban or blacklisted. this of course will hit sites that employ in downloading / uploading / viewing of any materials from unauthorized sources that have been uploaded without any copyright consent. that could be the reason why the above article there sited youtube as an example.

it is no surprise that the US Movie and Television and Music Industry supports the bill. i cannot blame them. i mean, who else can? a huge amount of profit loses because of piracy and rampant unauthorized distribution and illegal copying of the original materials. even here in the Philippines, the first one to cry because of piracy is our Movie and Music (OPM) industry.
i will not be hypocrite on this part. i for one, enjoy the luxury of just waiting for the movie or the music to be available on downloading sites so that i can get them free. (ehem)

but of course, if there are supporters, expect the adversaries. googlefacebook, and twitter to name a few. even wikipedia opposes the bill. well, the issue of internet freedom and liberty was said to be the reason for opposing. and of course, business (as usual) will be affected.

(sigh) it will take a bloody debate and discussion to meet a consensus (hopefully) for this bill. i hope that IF and ONLY IF the bill passes the Senate, they should carefully and explicitly streamline every clause and statements thereof so as to clearly define the objectives of the bill.

on the issue of censorship, i always believe that NOBODY or NO ONE should be censored.
liberty, is something that should not be jeopardized in the crusade of cracking down something else.
fighting piracy shouldn't be at the expense of our freedom of access to information. let us be vigilant fighting for our rights.
on the other hand, we should also remind ourselves that we have our responsibilities in using and misusing those rights.
we may not be a good citizen at all times, but we can be responsible some times....


January 19, 2012 hospital

January 13, 2012

on my 25th existence

so it's my birthday...
much has to be said but i decided to list 25 random facts about myself.  (explain ko pa ba kung bakit 25???)
so let's start the counting...

1.  i am GAY.
-  halata ba?

2.  am not good in mathematics.
-  but like i always used to say,  "i love math, but math doesn't love me enough the way i do".

3.  i have less than 150 friends on facebook.  i know them all,  and majority of those are male.
-  hindi talaga ko naga'add ng di ko kilala o di ko man lang nakapalagayan ng loob kahit sa chat man lang.

4.  aside from profile picture album,  ALL albums that i have are for my eyes only.
-  sakim sa moments.  lol

5.  my weight isn't proportion with my age and height.
-  so that makes me a malnourished child?  hahaha

6.  have prevalent white hairs.
-  i strongly believe that those were testimonies of wisdom.  hahaha

7.  idolizes Mariah Carey.
-  yung voice....sana talaga saken nalang yun.

8.  thinks that sans the BayView park, MOA is a big boring place.
-  kapagod maglakad! kairita.  layu-layo yung mga gusto ko puntahan!  lol

9.  admit that has a high tolerance to alcohol, but ;
-  i didnt practice for this.  defensive??

10.  not a smoker.
-  tama na yung liver cancer lang...mas sosyal kesa sa TB.

11. definitely happy and contented with his life but sometimes wonders if he has a different one.
-  wala lang.  naisip ko lang minsan.  panu kaya kung naging santa o enkantada ko?

12.  if you think i am not flirty,  a LOT of my friends will argue with you!
-  but i think am just VERY friendly.

13.  loves to meet and chat with friends for lengthy hours.
-  never ever gets me bored :)

14.  certified LOOFAH!  ( patola in tagalog )
-  kapag type ko ang topic o isyu,  kahit ganu pa ka walang kwenta yan,  papatusin ko ng bongga.

15.  shoe size is a perfect fit 9.
-  pero ewan ko.  nung last na bumili ako ng sapatos,  10 na nag fit saken.  hmm...

16.  i do not eat mayo and ketchup.  do not even use vinegar as sawsawan.
-  hindi sa ayaw ko.  it's just that,  hindi ko lang nasubukang tikman pa  :p

17.  a sentimentalist.
-  yes,  i am emotionally weak which i find it not healthy sometimes.

18.  coffee jelly is the ONLY thing i indulge at StarBucks.
-  wala lang.  paborito ko eh.

19.  always being asked for a two-cents worth of friends.
-  which i really appreciated.

20.  money spender but definitely not a waster. 
- yung saktong makakasurvive lang ng until next cut off.  hahahaha joke!

21.  a mama's boy.
-  if only you knew how i used to act kapag di ko nakikita mama ko sa bahay.  lol

22.  has the ability to deceive the world....but as they say,  not at all times.
-  nakakakonsensya magtago at magsinungaling parati sa nararamdaman.

23.  spontaneous when kinikilig.
-  kaya sobrang obvious talaga.... hmp

24.  analytic and logic tends to slow when.....i dunno.
basta nalang nangyayari eh.
-  and when it does,  i tell you,  soooo slooowww.

25.  sabi ng karamihan kesyo mataray daw,  masungit,  maldita,  etc.  etc...
-  pero wag ka,  pag nag bigay yan sila ng comment sau sasabihin mabait??  minsan talaga naguguluhan ako sa kanila ee.


January 14, 2012, hospital

on the verge of forgetting

i have always believe that FORGIVING is something you render not only for the others,  but for your own good as well.
when you forgive,  you lessen the heavy luggage your heart carries and it cleanses your conscience.
thus,  helps a lot in the process of forgetting and moving towards a worry-free life.

i am no God not to forgive...
on the other hand,  i am no God to be omniscience.
i am just but quite confuse when someone is being apologetic and yet,  do not care to give the reasons for being so.
how can i bestow my forgiveness to someone when i do not even know where he's coming from?
i try to veer from the thinking that there are really these apologetic but insensitive people.
or,  is it just me that demands too much?
now i remember a line from some teledrama way back ;

" sorry?? yun lang masasabi mu? bakit ka nag so'sorry?..... "

yes,  i admit,  i was hurt.
and yes,  SORRY is something we say when we hurt someone,  intentionally or otherwise.
BUT sometimes,  the word itself isn't what we want...
the explanation that would enlighten the situation matters.
it will help a lot in moving on and keeping what we have right now,  stronger.
when you apologize for something,  you should mean it in its deepest sense.


January 13, 2012 hospital

January 5, 2012

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