December 26, 2011

seemingly blue

not actually trying to spoil the Christmas bliss.  just cant ignore something i carry.
these are the times when i had to decide which i should pay attention to...
my heart or my head.
though am good at analyzing things for other people,  the harder it seems when the subject is my own example.
am actually trying to seek for myself the right things to do and the right things not to do.
i barely solicit friends' opinions when it comes to my personal issues especially if it has something to do with my relationship which i often keep private as much as possible.

while am tying to veer from the fact that am emotionally unstable these past few weeks, i just cant hold the disguise that in my solitary, the strong sense of sadness covers my heart while my head continuously denying it.

i just hope that at the end of the day,  everything will be just fine for everyone and for anything else...


December 26, 2011


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