December 19, 2011

keeping the wisdom

not to blow my own horns, i have always been a person of opinion to my circle of friends.
am not actually sure if i achieved the status because of being witty or being opinionated, or the combination of the two.
whenever close friends ( even the not-so-close ) have issues or problems they're going through that they think require for a second thought, most of them seek for my opinion and advice.

like what i have posted here before, it gives me feeling of self-satisfaction knowing that your peers acknowledge your say and respect your thoughts.

it's actually tough though, knowing that whatever i say might influence in making or breaking someone else's decision. this dilemma happens especially when the outcome turned out to be otherwise with what you expected.

that's why when giving my two-cents worth, i always make it appoint to be as objective as possible, to be as impartial as possible.
of course, am not a perfect friend. by saying so, am not a perfect, not even nearly, a perfect adviser.
but keeping them soliciting my opinion now and then proved that, at the very least, i am a good one.

yes, i know there can never be absolute objective and or impartiality.
i just rely on keeping my conscience clear.
and when i feel that am happy and contented with the words that i gave, i knew then it was a good shot.


December 19, 2011 hospital


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