November 18, 2011

should all acquaintance be forgot

i usually hear Auld Lang Syne whenever the yuletide season is approaching. though it’s not actually a christmas song, every time i hear the slow prelude version,
“should all acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?”
i can’t help but feel a beat of nostalgia.

every time we look back at the days of our lives, there were a lot people we have encountered but never get the chance to know them better or spent plenty of togetherness with them.
sometimes i wonder where those people now. what are they doing? do they still know me, or at least could prolly recognize me if ever our path crosses again.
we can’t deny that those folks became, in one way or another, part of our lives. i said part because people do really come and go. everything happens for a reason and for a purpose.
i remember an article from an unknown author which i truly love, entitled,
A reason, A season, A lifetime.

i often recommends it to friends who sometimes raise questions as to why our love ones leave us in due time.
but of course, acquaintances are of different terms. we do not have definite attachment with them. and yes, there are few acquaintances that need to be buried.
still enough though, even burials are celebrated once in a while even in memories...


November 17, 2011 residence


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