November 1, 2011


SPONGE (spunj) n. [ < Gr. spongia ]

1. a plantlike sea animal with a porous structure
2. the highly absorbent skeleton of such animals, used for washing surfaces, etc.

above are the literal contexts of sponge. but when you use it in a figurative way, personification to be exact, sponge means someone who absorbs factors, externally.
someone who found to be an outlet of other people's situation (often times unfortunate, i wonder why) and of course, someone who sought after for giving advice and second thoughts.
it's not easy to be somebody else's sponge. it's like immersing yourself to someone else's situation, absorbing the emotions, pacifying unwarranted reactions if necessary and then giving your two cents worth thereafter.

this really ain't easier when the sponge himself has his own personal issues to resolve and apparently at the same time, people will vent out their issues.
but who are these 'people' by the way?
they aren't just anybody else.
they are the sponge's FRIENDS.
they are the people who trust and rely on the sponge's understanding and sound judgment. perhaps they find the sponge as someone they're comfortable dispensing themselves out.

then there it goes credit for the sponge. the feeling of self-satisfaction is really overwhelming that people trust you, share their issues with you, and solicit your opinion is so much to be thankful for.
it's more than a compliment.
and you know it is self-proven the consistency of being trusted through time especially when not only one, but two or several people entrusted you at the same time.

so i guess it is very much appreciated to be a sponge once in a while.
being one implied a level of self-fulfillment towards aiming for people's trust and respect, which anybody can't have.


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