October 19, 2011

publicity is publicity

other than Mariah Carey, i used to ignore celebrity issues, local or foreign.
i am not actually a showbiz-critic fanatic.
however, i cannot help but smile in eyebrow about this Nora Aunor's cover in a mag with a cigar.
i don't understand why such an issue is a big thing.
i don't give a damn thing if it's an art or not since "art" is perceptive to individual's taste.
and too, i don't give a damn whatever her pose there may be, or how many sticks she have in hand.

well, it is true that Freedom of Expression should not be impeded.
but if you are someone of influence, i think you are abided conscientiously to only project, promote or endorse all that is wellness.

am not blaming the Superstar here. perhaps, she was just paid enough to do as told.
clearly, the think-tank behind this cover has to do with it.
it is so obvious that they crave for publicity for Nora, which indeed they had since the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) criticized the cover.
the think-tanks knew in the first place that people will certainly react to a celebrity who lost her voice and yet, posed elegantly with a cigar.
come on.

and i want to end this with an interview of a fanatic Noranian.

there he goes:
"maraming isyu sa bansa ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin. marami lang talaga nakikiride on dahil mainit at sikat ang aming idolo ngayon"

now, you tell me...


October 19, 2011 Hospital


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