September 20, 2011

BER kaladkaran part 1

last september 10, i went to office to just actually attend a technical writing seminar in the afternoon. and as i always used to do during saturday duties, i called bilog to have a moment of talk over the line. suddenly, we both agreed to go out for a dinner after my seminar. skipping the course of learning, another college friend of ours texted me when i was on my way to meet bilog. incidentally, she was also inviting me then for a night hang-out not knowing that bilog and i were going to meet. hahaha
she told me that with her is two of our classmates also.

and so history took place to shorten this story. bilog and i had dinner first at SM North and then we just went to PANULUKAN to meet our co-inviters. the supposed dinner date only became a group hang-out afterwards with some old folks in college. there were 5 of us, bilog and i, and the other 3 was the first time i saw them again 2 years after our graduation. so much for an unexpected get-together isn’t it?

PANULUKAN is in Quiricada St., near SM San Lazaro, Manila. it is an antique ancestral house converted into bar and resto. although it wasn’t technically comparable to other bars in the metro, it has a unique edge in terms of ambient. by the way, the place is not air-conditioned and they just using these rotating fans. i do not know if they have this resident band but everyone is welcome to perform on stage so long as they have minus-one or instrumental of the song you would want to sing. menu is cheap although there were only few varieties to choose from.

there we had plenty of fun, a lot of talks, talks and more talks. we really miss each other’s company, talked about our where and whatabouts and of course, other people’s businesses as well. hahaha
we arrived there at 9 in the evening and stayed until 2 am.

and since all of us wanted to depart in a safe and sound hour, we decided to find a place where we could spend few more hours before going home. and we just found ourselves savoring every spoon we take in a lugawan/gotohan. hahaha
we were all tired and physically exhausted. we almost run of topics to discuss. we loiter there for about a couple of hours until we finally felt that it is safe to depart already. 

(sigh) that was actually a very random day. and all that is random is good to experience when you’re spending it with folks who make it randomly special.

PS. BILOG is she. a close buddy for several years now. we’re not actually calling bbf terms ;)


September 19, 2011 residence


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