September 21, 2011

in the spirit of gayness

on the view of the latter note of the previous topic, as i have said, PinoyHunt (PH) used to be our home way back. but since it was already closed, some of us PHunters (residents of PH), created accounts on PinoyG4M, an LGBT social site also with the same advocacies and purposes as PH. actually, some of us were not actually aware that there is PG4M. good thing there is. J
we’ve just invited by our co-PHunter who also have an account on the said site.
honestly, am more comfortable signing-up with these user-friendly sites rather than PR or any of those word-wide gay dating sites. take that as an opinion.

and there we go. most of us find another home in PG4M. they welcomed us in good faith, in all fairness. the format and the style is actually ditto with PH. it is actually too late for me to say a few since past a month that i created an account there. so to stick to the title of this post, i noticed one of their threads, WHY IS MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE HERE SO FIERCE?

it actually came to my attention after some unfortunate issues went into growling which i do not want to elucidate here anymore.
and so i quoted the exact post i wrote there...

 We used to follow 3 basic rules way back if we have issues like these :
  • FOR SENIORS : do not act AS IF you own the site.
  • the site was not created for YOU or YOUR GROUP ALONE, let it serve its purpose to EVERYONE.
  • RESPECT individual differences. YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE HERE.
REMEMBER : you maybe the heart of the site but not the entire life-line. It’s all the members that support its advocacies and keeps it going.
As simple as that. Just sharing. :)

i once enjoyed the luxury of being a newbie and a senior. way back PH days, i admit that at times, i forgot that we, seniors, are not the only members of the site. that goes in terms of accommodation alone. but i, or we as a group, never came as fierce to anyone. i do not recall such comments from newbies then, neither a similar trending topic was raised to call attention. the only sin we oftentimes commit is we talk too much in threads. hehehe

i don’t know…
but most of us, includes me, enjoyed threading so much! hahaha
we used to generate and post on threads relentlessly and simultaneously.
sometimes with sense, sometimes it lacks. sometimes long and serious, often times funny and witty. so long as we enjoy and we do not step into any one’s foot, there we go.
the drawback is that new comers get shy on posting or replying on threads since we dominated every thread.  hahaha

that is the only issue we faced with newbies. but we always resolved conflict in consensus. little adjustments would do. at the end of it all, we’re all sharing the same sexual perspective in life. so then we must live in harmony and spirit of gayness. aja!


September 21, 2011 hospital


  1. Ahhh... yes. I remember the days that I was a newbie at PinoyG4M. Though I think I have been a member since the earlier versions were launched to the public and during the glory days. And nostalgia brings me to the Yahoo! public rooms and a few instances in mIRC, and other sites that consumed my teenage time. (oo. teenager pa ko non!)

    I would like to end this with Admin Naivete's response on the thread you mentioned earlier:

    "Expect different people to have different personalities and differences in viewpoints. It's the way you handle them and the way you react to the situations presented by these differences that will show your own personality and indirectly define how people will interact with you.

    Your own reaction may be interpreted by others negatively or positively just as you may positively or negatively perceive how people react to you and your actions."

  2. thanks for passing by Lanchie. appreciated. :)
    and yes i saw admin naivete's post.
    twas a nice rejoinder.

    hoping for the best. christian.

  3. Hi
    Lemme just say that g4m is so memorable. It was THE website. It peaked on 2006 and it was the year I joined. I was 17. Oh those younger years. The threads, the popular guys, the chatrooms, the live shows lolz. Back then, the lgbt had an exclusive world that's entirely its own. Who would've known that in just 6 years later it would mix up with the hetero world. Now, the lines between sexualties have significantly blurred.

  4. i know right i talk alot on threads that you guys hated me for that reason.

    =i love you ctian. pabook naman ako sau=