September 5, 2011

gOing back tO friends

it’s been 3 months since the last time i talked to her. she is one of my closest friends. we’ve known each other for nearly 7 years. well, a brief explanation of why i never talked to her goes like this…
i simply got mad at her. lol

i don’t want to go in details but i think i lost my patience at that time. she has this kinda childish attitude sometimes. or to clearly say, malakas ang sumpong / saltik paminsan-minsan. hahaha!
of course am not trying to say that am a perfect friend with a perfect has it all attitude. we’ve gone through a lot of issues, big or petty, and we overcome those for years. maybe 3 months ago, i get full so much and my temper went uncontrolled. although no throwing of words went out, i make it appoint to make her feel my coldness and silence.
i never talk to her, so is she.

to be honest, am not the kind of person who sow bad emotion towards someone. i don’t want the feeling of carrying loath for too long.
heavy world is easier to carry than a heavy heart.
just a few days after i got mad, i already forgive her. it’s just that i don’t want to talk to her for a while to make her realize her mistake and that i really get hurt.
i knew in fact that she knows and admits her mistake because one time during our absence of 3 months, she made an attempt of trying to reach out. but to no avail, wounds are still fresh at that time.

until last friday, i felt that it’s about time that i should talk to her. christmas is just around the corner anyway. lol
so i invited her for a first friday mass at quiapo which we occasionally do every month. that’s the time again we went to quiapo after 3 months of silence. i think that was the longest time so far that i haven’t talk to her. but now we’re ok. am looking forward to having things back to their proper place as it was before.

perhaps all of us at one point experienced misunderstanding with some of our friends. even the closest ones, we sometimes had arguments with them.
i guess that is what friendship really makes it all.
it’s not all about happiness, but also sadness.
it’s not all about complimenting, but disagreement.
it’s not all about being together, but also in absence.
both contrasting terms are essential to strengthen the relationship and for us to be matured in circumstances we had to face...


September 4, 2011, residence


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