September 21, 2011

BER kaladkaran part 2

since am always on-line during weekday duties, i rarely check my accounts on weekends. it so happened that last sunday noon, i took a peek at YM to see if there were any messages that i have to attend. syempre, matic na rin yun na buksan ang PG4M at FB. hehehe

pag open ko ng fb, tyempo naman OL itong si CLOUD. chat exchanges took place until he invited me to have a coffee session in Tagaytay. sosyal.  magkakape lang dun pa.
since i have nothing to do that afternoon, it goes without saying yes but i refused the venue since it was too far for me to have just a cup of coffee…unless we’re talking of alamid or significant other. hahaha
naisip kong baka mas mahal pa yung pamasahe kesa sa kape. hahaha

though the venue is actually nice, i suggested a synonymous feel-good ambient which Intramuros i thought could probably a good choice. dahil parehas naman kaming kaladkarin at wala rin syang choice, we met a consensus thereafter. hehehe

Fort Santiago
it was past 3 in the afternoon when we met at SM Manila. we toured Intra and Fort Santiago. i think it was more than a year already since the last time i visited these places.

since it was nothing new for me on touring Intra, am much happy with how cloud enjoyed our trip, taking pictures and capturing angles for a good profile DP. hehehe

honestly, the walkathon was really tiring. it showed on how we perspired! hahaha

it was almost 6pm since we left Fort Santiago. we even had a thought of going back to see the nigh lights only to realize na hanggang 6 nga lang pala ang operating hours nila. hahaha

inside Resto D Mitre

so we just decide to find a good place to eat at nakita nga namen itong Restorante Dille Mitre, in front of San Agustin church. i think we were the first customer for a dinner. cloud said that the resto was featured in a tv show. well the place is actually good and relaxing. both the service and the food were great. not that expensive i guess. sulit ang bayad.
foreigners started to come when we had almost done eating.

and there goes the question we used to face often times… 
”san tayo tatambay?" 

alas! Starbucks @ MOA. hindi ko ito naisip (?) pramis. lol
saan pa nga ba kame papadpad kundi sa paboritong tambayan namin, MOA Sbucks, the one at the Bayview.
so ayun nga ang nagyari. from Intra to MOA ang lakad namen to have the supposedly “coffee session” which was the root cause of our meet-up.
we’ve actually trying to contact some folks who could join us there but to no avail.
as usual, more kwento more fun lang naman habang tumatambay at nagpapalipas ng oras. a thing most of my co-phunters simply enjoy. we decided to depart at 10pm.

honestly, napagod talaga ko at sobrang inantok na nung gabing yun. hahaha
haiysss…ang dalawang kaladkarin. J
thanks cloud. till next kaladkaran.


PS. CLOUD is one of my closest friends in our defunct site PinoyHunt, an LGBT social network site.


September 20, 2011, residence