September 21, 2011

in the spirit of gayness

on the view of the latter note of the previous topic, as i have said, PinoyHunt (PH) used to be our home way back. but since it was already closed, some of us PHunters (residents of PH), created accounts on PinoyG4M, an LGBT social site also with the same advocacies and purposes as PH. actually, some of us were not actually aware that there is PG4M. good thing there is. J
we’ve just invited by our co-PHunter who also have an account on the said site.
honestly, am more comfortable signing-up with these user-friendly sites rather than PR or any of those word-wide gay dating sites. take that as an opinion.

and there we go. most of us find another home in PG4M. they welcomed us in good faith, in all fairness. the format and the style is actually ditto with PH. it is actually too late for me to say a few since past a month that i created an account there. so to stick to the title of this post, i noticed one of their threads, WHY IS MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE HERE SO FIERCE?

it actually came to my attention after some unfortunate issues went into growling which i do not want to elucidate here anymore.
and so i quoted the exact post i wrote there...

 We used to follow 3 basic rules way back if we have issues like these :
  • FOR SENIORS : do not act AS IF you own the site.
  • the site was not created for YOU or YOUR GROUP ALONE, let it serve its purpose to EVERYONE.
  • RESPECT individual differences. YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE HERE.
REMEMBER : you maybe the heart of the site but not the entire life-line. It’s all the members that support its advocacies and keeps it going.
As simple as that. Just sharing. :)

i once enjoyed the luxury of being a newbie and a senior. way back PH days, i admit that at times, i forgot that we, seniors, are not the only members of the site. that goes in terms of accommodation alone. but i, or we as a group, never came as fierce to anyone. i do not recall such comments from newbies then, neither a similar trending topic was raised to call attention. the only sin we oftentimes commit is we talk too much in threads. hehehe

i don’t know…
but most of us, includes me, enjoyed threading so much! hahaha
we used to generate and post on threads relentlessly and simultaneously.
sometimes with sense, sometimes it lacks. sometimes long and serious, often times funny and witty. so long as we enjoy and we do not step into any one’s foot, there we go.
the drawback is that new comers get shy on posting or replying on threads since we dominated every thread.  hahaha

that is the only issue we faced with newbies. but we always resolved conflict in consensus. little adjustments would do. at the end of it all, we’re all sharing the same sexual perspective in life. so then we must live in harmony and spirit of gayness. aja!


September 21, 2011 hospital

BER kaladkaran part 2

since am always on-line during weekday duties, i rarely check my accounts on weekends. it so happened that last sunday noon, i took a peek at YM to see if there were any messages that i have to attend. syempre, matic na rin yun na buksan ang PG4M at FB. hehehe

pag open ko ng fb, tyempo naman OL itong si CLOUD. chat exchanges took place until he invited me to have a coffee session in Tagaytay. sosyal.  magkakape lang dun pa.
since i have nothing to do that afternoon, it goes without saying yes but i refused the venue since it was too far for me to have just a cup of coffee…unless we’re talking of alamid or significant other. hahaha
naisip kong baka mas mahal pa yung pamasahe kesa sa kape. hahaha

though the venue is actually nice, i suggested a synonymous feel-good ambient which Intramuros i thought could probably a good choice. dahil parehas naman kaming kaladkarin at wala rin syang choice, we met a consensus thereafter. hehehe

Fort Santiago
it was past 3 in the afternoon when we met at SM Manila. we toured Intra and Fort Santiago. i think it was more than a year already since the last time i visited these places.

since it was nothing new for me on touring Intra, am much happy with how cloud enjoyed our trip, taking pictures and capturing angles for a good profile DP. hehehe

honestly, the walkathon was really tiring. it showed on how we perspired! hahaha

it was almost 6pm since we left Fort Santiago. we even had a thought of going back to see the nigh lights only to realize na hanggang 6 nga lang pala ang operating hours nila. hahaha

inside Resto D Mitre

so we just decide to find a good place to eat at nakita nga namen itong Restorante Dille Mitre, in front of San Agustin church. i think we were the first customer for a dinner. cloud said that the resto was featured in a tv show. well the place is actually good and relaxing. both the service and the food were great. not that expensive i guess. sulit ang bayad.
foreigners started to come when we had almost done eating.

and there goes the question we used to face often times… 
”san tayo tatambay?" 

alas! Starbucks @ MOA. hindi ko ito naisip (?) pramis. lol
saan pa nga ba kame papadpad kundi sa paboritong tambayan namin, MOA Sbucks, the one at the Bayview.
so ayun nga ang nagyari. from Intra to MOA ang lakad namen to have the supposedly “coffee session” which was the root cause of our meet-up.
we’ve actually trying to contact some folks who could join us there but to no avail.
as usual, more kwento more fun lang naman habang tumatambay at nagpapalipas ng oras. a thing most of my co-phunters simply enjoy. we decided to depart at 10pm.

honestly, napagod talaga ko at sobrang inantok na nung gabing yun. hahaha
haiysss…ang dalawang kaladkarin. J
thanks cloud. till next kaladkaran.


PS. CLOUD is one of my closest friends in our defunct site PinoyHunt, an LGBT social network site.


September 20, 2011, residence

September 20, 2011

BER kaladkaran part 1

last september 10, i went to office to just actually attend a technical writing seminar in the afternoon. and as i always used to do during saturday duties, i called bilog to have a moment of talk over the line. suddenly, we both agreed to go out for a dinner after my seminar. skipping the course of learning, another college friend of ours texted me when i was on my way to meet bilog. incidentally, she was also inviting me then for a night hang-out not knowing that bilog and i were going to meet. hahaha
she told me that with her is two of our classmates also.

and so history took place to shorten this story. bilog and i had dinner first at SM North and then we just went to PANULUKAN to meet our co-inviters. the supposed dinner date only became a group hang-out afterwards with some old folks in college. there were 5 of us, bilog and i, and the other 3 was the first time i saw them again 2 years after our graduation. so much for an unexpected get-together isn’t it?

PANULUKAN is in Quiricada St., near SM San Lazaro, Manila. it is an antique ancestral house converted into bar and resto. although it wasn’t technically comparable to other bars in the metro, it has a unique edge in terms of ambient. by the way, the place is not air-conditioned and they just using these rotating fans. i do not know if they have this resident band but everyone is welcome to perform on stage so long as they have minus-one or instrumental of the song you would want to sing. menu is cheap although there were only few varieties to choose from.

there we had plenty of fun, a lot of talks, talks and more talks. we really miss each other’s company, talked about our where and whatabouts and of course, other people’s businesses as well. hahaha
we arrived there at 9 in the evening and stayed until 2 am.

and since all of us wanted to depart in a safe and sound hour, we decided to find a place where we could spend few more hours before going home. and we just found ourselves savoring every spoon we take in a lugawan/gotohan. hahaha
we were all tired and physically exhausted. we almost run of topics to discuss. we loiter there for about a couple of hours until we finally felt that it is safe to depart already. 

(sigh) that was actually a very random day. and all that is random is good to experience when you’re spending it with folks who make it randomly special.

PS. BILOG is she. a close buddy for several years now. we’re not actually calling bbf terms ;)


September 19, 2011 residence

September 14, 2011

settling down

way back college days. i always make it appoint to open my Friendster account. Facebook was not a pandemonium at that time. although i have an FB account, i rarely visit it even up to now that friendster was gone.
i don’t now. siguro nagsawa lang ako. kung tutuusin kase para sakin pare-pareho lang naman ang mga social sites. nagkaiba lang sa mga features, how it was formatted at syempre depende kung anu ba purpose nung site. basta nagkakapareho lang naman yan sa iisang bagay, CONNECTION / COMMUNICATION.
anyhoos, walang kinalaman yan sa topic ko ngayon. lol

nakita ko kase one time when i opened my fb, karamihan sa mga classmates at batchmates ko may mga asawa na. well, a few had their ways toward career-oriented life. may mga nagtratrabaho na sa ibang bansa, may ilan din naman na nagbabaksyon lang. sosyal. hehehe
minsan nga nahihiya ko mag comment sa mga pictures baka kase masabihan lang ako ng ”who are you?” o kaya ”do i know you” hahaha

anyway, let’s go back to settling down i was mentioning a while. am actually happy for them. they seem ok and contented raising their own family. i don’t know but i have this feeling of envy. hahaha
no kidding. mas naiinggit pa ko sa kanila minsan kesa duon sa mga successful career-oriented na mga kaibigan ko. so i asked myself, ”ako kaya? kelan kaya ko mag-aasawa?” or “may plano nga ba ko mag-asawa?”

one time i received a text message fom one of my closest friends in college. we actually eyeing up to now. i know she had her boyfriend for quite a few years now. to my surprise (should i be?), she was already 6 months preggy.
na’pressure tuloy ako. hahaha
feeling ko tumatanda na ko. i even told myself that i should settle down 3 years from now. you wouldn’t believe me. it became my dilemma for a few weeks. hahaha
i even asked thoughts from other peers. ok aman at nakakuha ko ng matinong sagot that pacified my mind. a friend told me that he had experienced the same thing too since she is already in early 30’s but still single. she told me that we’re not getting any younger.

and i further quote:
sigurado kana ba? handa ka ba emotionally and financially wise? masasabi mu ba na yung mga obligasyon mu sa family mu eh half-done na? yung pagaasawa o pagbubuntis ba nila nasa plano talaga o baka naman biglaan?
to ponder on the latter question, she has a point there. nasa plano nga kaya nila na magkapamilya na? circumstances like unplanned pregnancy might have forced them to enter family hood, i told myself. pero parang may mali o may kulang yata sa mga sinabi ng friend ko na un? hindi ba dapat supposedly tinanung nya muna ko kung kanino mag se’settle down? kung sa lalaki ba o sa babae? hahahaha

kung tutuusin, there are lot of things to consider when it comes to settling down especially sa PLU communities. expectations from our families, peer pressures, unexpected or unplanned situations and of course, our own choices we have to make.

perhaps some of us probably thinking of being with opposite sex someday, while to those who really can’t, probably thinking of just adopting a child or hiring a baby carrier. well, to where life will lead us, hopefully we all gone through the right planning and correct thinking that lead us to the right decision. afterall, our happiness isa what rally matters at the end of the day.


September 4, 2011, residence 

September 5, 2011

gOing back tO friends

it’s been 3 months since the last time i talked to her. she is one of my closest friends. we’ve known each other for nearly 7 years. well, a brief explanation of why i never talked to her goes like this…
i simply got mad at her. lol

i don’t want to go in details but i think i lost my patience at that time. she has this kinda childish attitude sometimes. or to clearly say, malakas ang sumpong / saltik paminsan-minsan. hahaha!
of course am not trying to say that am a perfect friend with a perfect has it all attitude. we’ve gone through a lot of issues, big or petty, and we overcome those for years. maybe 3 months ago, i get full so much and my temper went uncontrolled. although no throwing of words went out, i make it appoint to make her feel my coldness and silence.
i never talk to her, so is she.

to be honest, am not the kind of person who sow bad emotion towards someone. i don’t want the feeling of carrying loath for too long.
heavy world is easier to carry than a heavy heart.
just a few days after i got mad, i already forgive her. it’s just that i don’t want to talk to her for a while to make her realize her mistake and that i really get hurt.
i knew in fact that she knows and admits her mistake because one time during our absence of 3 months, she made an attempt of trying to reach out. but to no avail, wounds are still fresh at that time.

until last friday, i felt that it’s about time that i should talk to her. christmas is just around the corner anyway. lol
so i invited her for a first friday mass at quiapo which we occasionally do every month. that’s the time again we went to quiapo after 3 months of silence. i think that was the longest time so far that i haven’t talk to her. but now we’re ok. am looking forward to having things back to their proper place as it was before.

perhaps all of us at one point experienced misunderstanding with some of our friends. even the closest ones, we sometimes had arguments with them.
i guess that is what friendship really makes it all.
it’s not all about happiness, but also sadness.
it’s not all about complimenting, but disagreement.
it’s not all about being together, but also in absence.
both contrasting terms are essential to strengthen the relationship and for us to be matured in circumstances we had to face...


September 4, 2011, residence