January 4, 2010


should i ever get myself surprise,
loving someone sometimes pays a price.
it’s a deal I have to compromise,
yet still I’m willing to sacrifice.
but what is the use of loving you
if you cannot give the feelings too?
and keeping this way I know wont do
anything good but sadder and blue.
but I guess Im still be thankful that,
I may not have been your lover but
I had the chance to love and beloved,
be your good friend afterall’s not bad.
sometimes I think will there ever be
a moment in time to make ‘us’, ‘we’?
but improbable that I must see,
it will never gon’be you and me.
to God I pray underneath the stars,
that even if I may have to start.
a chance to live without all the scars
I’ll still play my part in someone’s heart.

october 20, 2009 2am


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