January 4, 2010

it could have been

A good old friend once told me that the saddest, if not the loneliest, expression is “it could have been”.

Alot of us may have gone thru a certain situation where we almost uttered this line. Most probably, it was a bad or a sad experience from the past that we wish the result to turn the other way around. Something that we always been longing and kept wondering what could have happened today if things “were or were’nt” in the past. I for one experienced the dilemma several times.

Times when I wished I could have done or said better and then start feeling sorry and regretful. But who am I to perfectly calculate events. It is true that certain things on earth are predictable but they all depend on the present situation. Sometimes even though we carefully managed and tried every possible way to make things good, the result often disappoints us. And that’s a very discouraging feeling.

Somehow I guess, it’s a less bitter knowing you did your best so regret is set aside. But what can we do now is to continue to go on with life no matter how sad the present situation is, due to unfavorable results from our past. Afterall, there could be a possible reason why things went that way.

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, I always believe that behind every event, when the result took place, is a reason to behold. I believe that there are no random acts…things are all connected…for a certain purpose.


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