December 29, 2011

social gayness

so this is my last entry for this year.  and what do they say good about being the last means saving what is best.
honestly, aside from work, family and relationship, most of my 2011 consumed in social networking.  hahaha
it has been my outlet whenever am stressed.

seriously, it was actually fun.  i cannot deny the fact that it’s one of the highlighted memories of my 2011.
except of course from my personal friends during school days, social networking peers became an important part of me, especially those i had from PH.
i barely join on social groups, clans or whatever.
i’ve been a member of the site for quite a time now but neither do i join any of our previous events.
only this year that i finally decided to come out of the shell and meet the people who i everyday talk to in threads and chatbox.
and i wasn’t wrong in doing so.

i became friends to most of them.  now i believe that you can actually gain good company in social networking.
people who share the same interests and perspective in life and not just all about the call of flesh.
but of course, flirting can be fun sometimes. hahaha

i would like to end this with a simple quote i just saw on-line (duh. where do you expect i saw this? lol)

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.   -Albert Schweitzer

thank you, dearests, for making this year worth remembering.
cheers for the year to come!


December 29, 2011 hospital

December 27, 2011

mahal kong 2011

parang kailan lang nung dumating ka.
ang bilis talaga ng panahon heto't paubos na ang mahigit tatlong daang araw mo.
ang totoo, kinabahan ako nung nalaman kong Year of the Rabbit ka.
sabi kasi sa Chinese Zodiac,  malas daw at hindi maganda ang taon na ito para sa mga isinilang sa kaparehas na taon.
pero ngayon,  may dahilan na ko paa hindi maniwala sa mga manghuhula.
hindi ko na maalala kung saan banda pero siguro nga hindi ako naging maswerte sa ilang mga bagay.
pero walang-wala yun kung ikukumpara sa mga biyaya na natanggap ko at dapat ipagpasalamat sa Diyos.

bawat taon, iba't ibang tao.  iba't ibang karanasan.
sa loob ng isang taon, masaya ko na may mga natutunan na naman ako sa ibang tao,  at may mga naibahagi din naman ako sa kanila.
wala ng gaganda pa na maging kabahagi ng buhay at karanasan ng iba,  sa kasiyahan man o kalungkutan.

maraming mga oportunidad at mga kwentong nagawa nung dumating ka.
sa pag-alis mo, sana hindi rin ito nangangahulugan ng pagsasara ng ilang kabanata na sinusubaybayan ko.
ganunpaman kahit aalis kana,  huwag kang mag-alala dahil hindi kita malilimutan kasama ng mga alaalang pinagsamahan natin dito sa puso ko.
paminsan-minsan kong gugunitain ang sayang idinulot mo at pati na rin ang mga lungkot ng lalong nagbigay sa akin ng dahilan para maging matatag at magpatuloy.

paalam na...hanggang sa muli.


December 27, 2011

December 26, 2011

seemingly blue

not actually trying to spoil the Christmas bliss.  just cant ignore something i carry.
these are the times when i had to decide which i should pay attention to...
my heart or my head.
though am good at analyzing things for other people,  the harder it seems when the subject is my own example.
am actually trying to seek for myself the right things to do and the right things not to do.
i barely solicit friends' opinions when it comes to my personal issues especially if it has something to do with my relationship which i often keep private as much as possible.

while am tying to veer from the fact that am emotionally unstable these past few weeks, i just cant hold the disguise that in my solitary, the strong sense of sadness covers my heart while my head continuously denying it.

i just hope that at the end of the day,  everything will be just fine for everyone and for anything else...


December 26, 2011

December 19, 2011

keeping the wisdom

not to blow my own horns, i have always been a person of opinion to my circle of friends.
am not actually sure if i achieved the status because of being witty or being opinionated, or the combination of the two.
whenever close friends ( even the not-so-close ) have issues or problems they're going through that they think require for a second thought, most of them seek for my opinion and advice.

like what i have posted here before, it gives me feeling of self-satisfaction knowing that your peers acknowledge your say and respect your thoughts.

it's actually tough though, knowing that whatever i say might influence in making or breaking someone else's decision. this dilemma happens especially when the outcome turned out to be otherwise with what you expected.

that's why when giving my two-cents worth, i always make it appoint to be as objective as possible, to be as impartial as possible.
of course, am not a perfect friend. by saying so, am not a perfect, not even nearly, a perfect adviser.
but keeping them soliciting my opinion now and then proved that, at the very least, i am a good one.

yes, i know there can never be absolute objective and or impartiality.
i just rely on keeping my conscience clear.
and when i feel that am happy and contented with the words that i gave, i knew then it was a good shot.


December 19, 2011 hospital

December 5, 2011

magreply ka naman p2

i guess you have no idea how a simple text message would mean a lot to someone...
well then, it's alright by the way.


December 05, 2011 hospital

December 3, 2011

magreply ka naman

hindi ako galit.
pero minsan nakakainis lang talaga.
isang simpleng teks lang hindi magawa.
isang reply lang parang balewala.
hindi naman obligado magreply, pero sana naman iniisip na may naghihintay sa kabilang linya.
may nag-aalala...


December 03, 2011 residence