January 4, 2010

Laying Lies

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Parang ganito yung sinabi ng isang action cartoon character na napapanuod ko tuwing umaga:

“alam mo, matagal na kong nabubuhay sa kasinungalingan”

In all fairness, the statement doesn’t exacts me but I must admit that in some point, there were few issues in my life that I’ve been lying for so long up to now. But there don’t bother me because there were petty things (I guess). Hindi naman ‘to ganun kadrama o kabigat sa luob para pakaisipin ko pa or hindi ako matahimik habang nabubuhay. I bet if someone out there who doesnt even uttered a single lie with themselves. We have different reasons why people lie, depending upon the situation and the person’s personality itself.

Ako, nagsisinungaling ako sa dalawang dahilan. Una, kapag may isang bagay na hindi ko magawang aminin sa sarili ko kaya sa iba hindi ko rin magawang aminin. Lastly, kapag nasasaling ang ‘ego’ or pride ko. They said that it is better to keep silent rather than tell a lie pero alam mo yung pakiramdam na hindi naman sa lahat ng oras pwede kang manahimik o wag magexplain e. In terms of pride naman, lahat naman tayo may ego. Different levels nga lang and I guess I’m just a normal type.

Hindi ko nga alam if these things that Im talking about are worth lying for. Kasi sa totoo lang, it’s not only the reason why you lie that matters. To whom will you lie also matters and the fact that lies themselves have different intensity and purpose (like tellin white lies). Well I guess, hanggat wala akong natatapakan o nasasaktang mga tao sa paligid ko due to my lies, it’ll be just a matter within myself. But Im not saying lying’s good. Please, you know your morals.

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, sometimes, it’s easier to throw a lie rather than explaining yourself out when in fact you’re not really willing to. Because silent doesn’t work all the time.

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